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Modelling the IS Heavy Tank - Khaki and Green Books

Modelling the IS Heavy Tank

SKU: 9781841767574

Modelling the IS Heavy Tank


Author: Nicola Cortese

The IS (Iosef Stalin) heavy tanks were some of the most widely used AFVs produced by the USSR. First entering combat in 1944, the IS-2 went head-to-head with German tanks such as the Panther, Tiger, and King Tiger, and post war IS-2s and IS-3s were exported to China, Cuba, and North Korea.

This book is packed with easy to follow super-detailing and finishing instructions for building the IS-2, IS-3, and IS-3M variants, as well as for the prototype ISU-152, and features kits from manufacturers such as Dragon, Tamiya, and Fujimi. Advanced scratch-building techniques and working with photo-etched and other after-market accessories in 1/35 and 1/76 scales are covered, making this highly accessible book a welcome addition to any modeller's library.

ISBN : 9781841767574