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Modelling the P-51 Mustang - Khaki and Green Books

Modelling the P-51 Mustang

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SKU: 9781841769417

Modelling the P-51 Mustang

  • Author: Stan Spooner
  • Short code: MOD 34

The North American P-51 Mustang had a humble genesis as a British request for single engine escort fighters but became, arguably, World War II's most important fighter aircraft. It had incredible endurance, fantastic maneuverability and excellent high-altitude performance, and served throughout World War II and beyond. This aircraft is one that holds a great deal of interest for many modellers around the world. This book takes the modeller from the aircraft's beginnings to the ultimate manifestation of this elegant and deadly bird, the F-82 G/H Twin Mustang. Special attention is paid to painting both both interiors and exteriors, with a wide range of different schemes used.

Stan Spooner was born in Southern California in 1959. He lives in Orange County with his wife Gerri and his daughters Lauren and Kylee. Stan owns and runs CPD, a graphic design and advertising firm in Southern California. He has been an active modeller since childhood and has been widely published in both magazines and on the Internet. This is his first book for Osprey.

ISBN : 9781841769417