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Modelling the Tiger Tank in 1/72 scale - Khaki & Green Books

Modelling the Tiger Tank in 1/72 scale

SKU: 9781841769424

 Modelling the Tiger Tank in 1/72 scale


Author: Alex Clark

The Tiger tank is probably the most famous tank of World War II. Both the Tiger I and its successor, the Tiger II, were used as bases for other German vehicles. This book covers a wide range of vehicles based on the chassis of the Tiger I and II tanks in 1/72 scale. It provides a detailed guide to modelling the basic tank versions as well as the Sturmmörser Sturmtiger (Tiger I variant), Jagdtiger (Tiger II variant) and the Panzerjäger Tiger (P) Elefant tank destroyer. A variety of camouflage schemes are described in depth, and the text covers photo-etched parts, resin aftermarket sets, scratch-building, and the use of figures and groundwork.

ISBN : 9781841769424