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Billhooks is a fast-action game of late medieval European warfare, set at the small battle/big skirmish level - think Nibley Green rather than Towton. 

You will need around 100 figures a side, lots of D6, and a 6 x 4 foot table - everything else you need to play the game is included in this book. A typical game can be played through in around 90 minutes (or rather less if the Dice Goddess wills it!).

Billhooks Deluxe gives you a ‘Core’ Wars of the Roses ruleset and then expands that to cover seven new Theatres and Conflicts from across Western European Christendom c.1350-1525. You will find troop stats and special rules for Irish Gallowglass, Hussite War Wagons, and Landsknecht Pikemen along with all the other troop types to be found on battlefields of the period, from Hundred Years’ War France to Renaissance Italy.

The game uses a card-driven turn sequence and simple but exciting combat mechanisms (with loads of dice being rolled!) to produce battles that are full of period flavour but always unpredictable.

Play one game of Billhooks and you’ll want to play another!

The following are the Theatres and Conflicts you can find in this book:

Albion - The Wars of the Roses 

Gallia - The Hundred Years’ War 

Bohemia - The Hussite Wars 

Helvetia - The Swiss-Burgundian War 

Italia - The Italian Wars 

Northumbria - The Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers Lusitania - Late Medieval Portugal 

Hibernia - Warfare in Ireland

Finally, there is a Modelling Masterclass chapter with a comprehensive guide to painting, modelling, and kitbashing 28mm plastic figures.

The book is a A4, 180 page, full colour, softback publication.

Customer Reviews

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Simon Whitelaw
Billhooks Delux

Great set of rules. I have played two games set in the Italian wars. Getting the motivation to paint my War of the Roses lead pile of shame.

Darryl Rice
Bill Hooks supplement

Many thanks very happy 🙂

Marcus Morrison
Excellent quality, look forward to playing

This rulebook is beautifully produced with incredibly inspiring miniatures depicted throughout. The rules themselves seem well constructed and the book is well laid out. I look forward to getting a game in!

Great service

Top service from an Aussie seller.

Shannon R. Lewis
Never mind the Billhooks

I purchased this because of the production value. I was overjoyed by the book in hand. I’m pretty sure they will come out with a hardcover of this book as it’s softcover beautiful full colour production rivals the best in the hobby and the only down side is the fact it’s softcover. Despite this, I’m really glad I’ve got this copy and yes I’ll get a hardcover if/when it rocks up. The game mechanics continue the current trend of simple, clear, concise, even minimalist rules FOR THE CORE, elaborated upon for period theatre. It used to be, the rules only served the English war of the Roses; Now it also includes Italian wars, Hussite’s and their wagons, the Burgundian wars, and the Hundred years wars. So it’s now, more of a set of simple rules to game those periods too. I’m conflicted about the current trend in rules; I’m a fan of, deep, simulationist rule sets of the old school with heavy emphasis on unit manoeuvres and command capabilities over units. For example ‘Cry Havoc’ and ‘Warrior’ or in a more 19th century vein the rules for “1870” the Franco Prussian wars. While I love these dense simulation rule sets to ponder over and theory-craft they were and are much harder to get to the table. Billhooks is not, it’s a simple way to game an engagement and have fun doing so. The hardest part is in the complex paint schemes, bursting with bold colour, so loved by the people’s of Billhooks times. Yet even so, getting a small force to the table is relatively easy. So yes pick these up if you are into the period; heck even if your not it’s a great book for any wargaming enthusiasts to place on the coffee table - it’s that beautiful and well produced. 4.8 out of 5.