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US Soldier vs British Soldier : WAR OF 1812 - Khaki & Green Books SALE

US Soldier vs British Soldier : WAR OF 1812

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SKU: 9781472841674

US Soldier vs British Soldier

WAR OF 1812


Author : Gregg Adams

Illustrator : Johnny Shumate

Between June 1812 and January 1815, US and British forces, notably the regular infantrymen of both sides (including the Canadian Fencibles Regiment), fought one another on a host of North American battlefields. This study examines the evolving role and combat performance of the two sides' regulars during the conflict, with particular reference to three revealing battles in successive years: Queenston Heights, Crysler's Farm, and Chippawa.

Featuring full-color artwork and battle maps, this fully illustrated study investigates the US and British regular infantry's role, tactics, junior leadership, and combat performance on three battlefields of the War of 1812. The actions assessed here notably demonstrate the evolution of US regulars from their initial poor showing to an emerging professionalism that allowed them to face their British opponents on equal terms.

ISBN : 9781472841674