Wargames Illustrated $10 Store Credit Information

Wargames Illustrated $10 Store Credit

As a valued customer of Khaki & Green Books, when you have an active subscription to Wargames Illustrated Magazine, you'll receive a $10 store credit each issue.

How does this work ?

We simply place a voucher code into each issue sent to you, which you can redeem any time that month for a $10 credit against an order.

Is there fine print ?

Well yes, and not really, we like to keep things simple here at Khaki & Green...

Each voucher is unique and valid for the month of issue.

It does not 'roll over' for the future, if you do not claim it during that month, it is lost.

You can claim it once, and it is not able to be combined with any other code, but it applies to all products even our stock clearance range.

There is no minimum order, however it doesn't apply to postage costs.

This offer is to reward and value our ongoing customers and thank you for supporting Khaki & Green Books.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.