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Korean Air War        SABRES, MIGS AND METEORS, 1950–53 - Khaki & Green Books

Korean Air War SABRES, MIGS AND METEORS, 1950–53

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Korean Air War


Author : Michael Napier

From acclaimed aviation historian Michael Napier, this is a highly illustrated survey of the air war over Korea.
The Korean War holds a unique place in aviation history. It saw the first large-scale jet-versus-jet combat and it was the first military action of the Cold War, fought by both the newly independent United States Air Force and the recently formed Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force.
In a meticulously researched volume, former RAF Tornado pilot Michael Napier unravels the complex narrative of events, describing the course of operations in the air and the major campaigns of the land war. He examines in detail the air power of the major combatants, which included North and South Korea, the UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa as well as China, the USA and the USSR.
Packed with stunning contemporary images and including first-hand combat reports, Korean Air War is a groundbreaking exploration of a much forgotten conflict, which nevertheless provided lessons about the organization and prosecution of modern aerial warfare that remain relevant through to the present day.

ISBN : 9781472844446