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Rubicon - Soviet Stowage Set 1 - Khaki and Green Books

Rubicon - Soviet Stowage Set 1

SKU: RU28R11

Rubicon - Soviet Stowage Set 1

- 2 identical sprues per box (contents as shown at back of box)

- Various ammo boxes for 76mm to 122mm shells

- Various stand-alone 76mm to 122mm shells

- Stacked boxes with tarpaulin cover

- Various fire arms including DP-27, Mosin-Nagant 91/30, PPsh-41, PTRD-41, & PTRS-41

- Various types of radio sets, loudspeaker, and signal flags (with hand)

- Wine bottle, Molotov cocktail, and wine crates

- Snow sledge, two-man crosscut saw & bucket



Prod. Code : RU28R11