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War in Japan 1467–1615 - Khaki & Green Books SALE

WAR IN JAPAN 1467-1615

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War in Japan 1467–1615

  • Author: Stephen Turnbull
With updates from the author, specially commissioned maps and 50 new images, this is a concise overview of Japan's turbulent Age of Warring States.


In 1467 the Onin War ushered in a period of unparalleled conflict and rivalry in Japan that came to be called the Age of Warring States. In this book, Stephen Turnbull offers a masterly exposition of the wars, explaining what led to Japan's disintegration into rival domains after more than a century of relative peace; the years of fighting that followed; and the period of gradual fusion when the daimyo (great names) strove to reunite Japan under a new Shogun. Peace returned to Japan with the end of the Osaka War in 1615. Turnbull draws on his latest research to include new material covering samurai acting as mercenaries, the expeditions to Korea, Taiwan and Okinawa, and the little-known campaigns against the Ainu of Hokkaido, to present a richer picture of an age when conflicts were spread far more widely than was hitherto realised.

Updated and revised, with full-colour maps and all-new images throughout, this is a concise introduction to the most violent, turbulent, cruel and exciting chapter in Japanese history.


ISBN : 9781472851185