Army Painter Speedpaint Mega Set Update

Army Painter Speedpaint Mega Set Update

A huge thank you to all those who ordered from our pre release sale on The Army Painter Speedpaint Mega Set.

The ETA for the kits is unchanged at this time and we are looking at getting them posted out the last week of March.

Our initial allocation has been all sold and we will release the product again for sale once we have confirmation of additional stock.

This was our first pre order sale and to say it was a success would be a massive understatement... So again thank you.

We would welcome feedback as to your experience with the pre-ordering process and you can do so via the contact us link.

We would like to reconfirm that Khaki and Green Books are not 'drop shippers' and whilst we are operating as an online only business at the moment. We are a real independent retailer with real stock that we pride ourselves on getting to you quick.

Just to confirm our pre-ordering information.

When you place a pre-order, you are placing an advance order on an item.

This means that the item you require is NOT in stock and you are happy to wait for that item to be released.

The waiting time for an item to arrive in stock depends on several factors including but not limited to, the release date from the manufacturer or publisher, the arrival in country of the item(s) and of course transit time from the Australian distributor to our store.

You will be charged for your item when you pre-order it; this ensures that we can accurately allocate stock and guarantees your order can be sent out to you without delay upon arrival.

Normally, and as is the case with The Army Painter Speedpaint Mega Set the item will be at a discounted pre release price and you can be sure that you will be getting your item at a lower price and if not earlier than anywhere else.

Once again thanks for supporting us here at Khaki and Green Books !



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